Our Experience


We understand that infrastructure development is central to  creating new social and economic  opportunities for poverty reduction and inclusive growth in Africa. We have experience in supporting country dialogue addressing infrastructure development and integrated project design at both the national and regional level. The team also has significant experience in applying environmental and social standards to infrastructure projects. These standards include issues around resettlement, health and safety, labour influx, and labour standards in addition to gender equality.

Strategy and Policy Design

Developing a well-designed and focused institutional and/ or national strategy and policy framework will be necessary to ensure a clear progress towards results and sustainable impact. Certain financing and partnerships frameworks can also be developed based on clear strategic visions. We have extensive experience in strategy and policy design and implementation for different development sectors as well as in support of national priorities. The team brings further experience in working with regional economic communities, multilateral development agencies, as well as other partners supporting research and funding. 


Developing gender responsive programs and supporting women’s economic empowerment requires a unique knowledge of the country and regional context with the aim of ensuring sustainable results and impact on the ground. We have experience in addressing gender and women’s development priorities working with communities, civil societies, governments, as well as financing partners. The team has significant experience in developing gender responsive policies across sectors, gender strategies, gender action plans, establishing gender funds and producing country gender profiles. Our experience also enabled us to establish contacts with various women groups and women networks. 

Network Platforms Design

We have extensive experience in the design and management of professional support through high level dialogue on priority issues while providing an opportunity to exchange experience and information both globally and regionally. Our experience includes the design of the Jobs for Youth networking platform, support to the African Leaders for Nutrition, and the Network on Value for Money in Education and Health. Savana Team members bring their high level strategic and policy experience accompanied by deep rooted research and analytical knowledge which can help inform the work of the professional network. In addition, Savana also has excellent experience in ICT tools for the effective and timely management of networks.

Fragility and Post-Conflict Development

Working in fragile states, and building the capacity of the state at the end of a national or localised conflict will require a unique understanding of the multi-dimensional approach to sustainable development, public policy  management and implementation. The Savana team has a combined experience of over 20 years in post conflict reconstruction, rehabilitation, and developing state resilience mechanisms, whether in the area of developing policy, appropriate financing modalities and program design and evaluation. 

Health and Nutrition

Ensuring access to affordable and good quality health care and nutrition is a priority goal for all countries in support of achieving the SDGs and poverty eradication. Our experience in this area includes promoting Universal Health Coverage, Regional Centres for Disease Control, prevention and management of communicable diseases, in addition to high level strategic results focused public policy implementation measures.

Education and Skills Development

We have extensive experience in developing education financing systems, education infrastructure, teacher training, and education sector capacity building in support of inclusive growth and sustainability. We have also developed education policy and strategic frameworks which respond to preparing the youth for the jobs of the future. As members of high-level education advisory panels and professional networks, we have supported countries and regional economic communities in achieving the respective education Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our experience includes support to education systems and skills development in situations of fragility such as the North East Nigeria Inclusive Growth Project, the Somalia Youth Skills Development and Capacity Building project, and the ECOWAS support to building a regional accreditation and certification systems. We assisted in the design and implementation of the Pan African University and Regional Centres of Excellence under the umbrella of the African Union. 

Youth Employment

Creating jobs for young women and men is a key priority for all nations. We have experience in developing appropriate youth employment approaches supporting countries, financing partners including multilateral development agencies, and youth groups. Investing in jobs creation for youth can be achieved sustainably through public policy measures accompanied by private sector partnerships to open up opportunities through responsive financing models, jobs training, SMEs development, innovation and incubation, as well as other areas related to better research and market development strategies. 

Resource Mobilisation and Partnerships

Over the years we have gained significant understanding of the preferences and approaches of a wide range of institutions with whom we have interacted. These include Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), foundations, national and regional development funds and the private sector. We tailor resource mobilization strategies and structures according to the needs of our clients. This has included work most recently for ICARDA, but has also involved work in support of mobilizing resources for the African Development Fund. We are aware of the importance of developing partnerships and has most recently assisted the Department of Infrastructure and Energy of the African Union in this regard. 

Evaluation Studies

Evaluation Studies are important to ensuring that the right outcomes are achieved, in serving policy choices and decision making, and facilitating adaptive management. Members of the team have contributed to several studies evaluating organizational effectiveness including for the Global Fund Fighting Malaria, TB HIV/AIDs and the United Nations Joint Inspection Unit. 

Investment Funds

A well designed investment fund which can be implemented effectively, ensuring the expected results and outcomes, can provide extensive long term benefits to a wide range of stakeholders, while ensuring that other enablers such as increasing youth employment opportunities and supporting women’s economic empowerment measures are also achieved. Countries and financing partners want to ensure sufficient “scalability” as well as sharp strategic orientation. The team has experience in design and implementation of investment funds taking into consideration national financial mechanisms and private sector partnerships. 

Advisory Services

Members of the team have served on several Panels to provide advice and develop lessons learnt on a variety of themes and topics of significant relevance to the development of Africa. These themes include: The Impact of Infrastructure Development on Job Creation,  Illicit Financial Flows from Africa, Fragile States in Africa to mention a few. Advice has taken the shape of relevant and implementable recommendations which are directed at different stakeholders including national governments, Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), the private sector and civil society.

Communications and Advocacy

Our expertise in communications is comprehensive and ranges from writing press releases to managing websites and social media. We pride ourselves as the developers of several graphic designs, reports and media products for continental development initiatives. Our outreach is extensive due to our vast networks and we have a great track record for securing donor funding. With client focus as one of our main priorities, we ensure that we connect the right audiences to the right information, at the right time.  

Project Design and Implementation

We have extensive experience in project identification, preparation and appraisal using appropriate consultation approaches and focusing on monitorable, measurable, and sustainable results. Our experience comprises of a large variety of project designs including investment projects and policy based lending. We also bring a track-record in successful and timely project implementation using our extensive knowledge of the respective national and institutional procurement, disbursement and financial accountability rules and procedures. 

Training and Capacity Building

We have experience in identifying training and capacity building needs of different organizations. This is preceded by a comprehensive organizational effectiveness review which takes into account how enhancing lacking capacities can contribute to overall effectiveness and enhanced partnerships. The team has applied this to the Global Fund, UN Joint Inspection Unit and most recently to the Department of Infrastructure and Energy of the African Union. 

Events Management and Conference Facilitation

Savana International has extensive continental and global experience in events management and conference facilitation. The team prides itself in having co-ordinated and managed events at various African Union and United Nations General Assemblies, as well as the World Bank Spring Meetings, and meetings and conferences for the African Development Bank. We have also successfully facilitated numerous workshops for governments and development organisations worldwide. 

Environment and Climate Change

It is well known that Climate Change poses a threat to efforts to fight poverty sustainably. The team has experience in climate proofing investments especially in the areas of infrastructure and agriculture. Ensuring that institution specific and global standards are complied with is an area where the team has gained experience over the years. We have been involved in compliance reviews of several projects where we assessed whether climate change policies have been adhered to and the environmental and financial impact of non-compliance.