African Union

  • The African Union Department of Infrastructure is the key partner and leads the political dialogue for the implementation of the continental infrastructure, energy, and ICT aspirations as outlined under Agenda 2063. Our support, in collaboration with the GIZ, has provided the AU key strategic inputs to align and accelerate organisational performance and results delivery while continuing to promote the high quality in work program and annual budget planning, monitoring and implementation.  
  • We undertook in-depth review of all the key high strategic and political commitments with a view to provide alignment and monitoring for the timely delivery of activities. This was achieved through extensive consultations to develop a business model and related professional skills needed to deliver the mandate of the Department. 
  • Innovative features such as technical task force discussions and coordination across AU departments, added focus on skills development, training, and improved leadership and coaching skills, and improved business processes have been proposed. 
  • We have also provided support for high level dialogue for greater regional coordination promoting a deeper engagement with the regional economic communities.