African Development Bank (AfdB)

  • We were involved in the design and support to the AfDB's "High Fives" and its Ten Year Plan
  • Our team members supported the design and implementation plan of the Jobs for Youth in Africa Strategy  which will help create 41 million jobs in the agriculture sector by 2025. 
  • We assisted with the Youth Jobs and SMEs Development Fund which was designed in partnership with Norway and Denmark with an initial support of €5 million which leveraged €15 million in youth risk guarantee mechanism. 
  • We were part of the team who established The Education for Sustainable Development (ESDA) which, in partnership with the Government of Japan, supports international scholarship programs and related technical and analytical support to the value of $7 million. The program specifically supports youth to enhance their knowledge and skills development to support the jobs of the future in Africa. 
  • We developed and implemented an advocacy and communications campaign for promoting youth employment outcomes. This included soft skills training of 4,000 youth and training of further 10,000 youth entrepreneurs in agriculture value chains, and established an apprenticeship program for 4,000 young professionals in 18 African Countries 
  • Our team members have also supported high level dialogue as well as regional and global coordination to address the devastating impact of the migration crisis. Specifically, close collaboration with African countries to generate employment and provide new and additional support to social protection can mitigate the negative impact of migration.
  • Our team has also supported the design of the African Leaders for Nutrition Initiative co-chaired by President John Kufour and President Adesina, in partnership with the African Union, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Dangote Foundation, and The Big Win Foundation resulting in mobilizing $5 million for the implementation of the Program.
  • Under the African Leaders for Nutrition initiative, the Grey Matter Infrastructure Fund (GMIF) has been developed as a results based financing instrument. 
  • We have also promoted the High Level Cote D’Ivoire Nutrition Donor Coordination Group resulting in the design of the country’s national nutrition action plan and preliminary financing for a biofortification project.